Why I Got Braces as an Adult + Advice

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Growing up and to this day, my teeth never made me feel insecure. Yes, they are tiny and I often refer to them as “baby teeth”, but I loved them. They weren’t that crooked and I only had a few gaps on the bottom, but you couldn’t tell unless you were inches from my face. So you might be wondering, why the f*ck did you get braces then? Well here are my reasons.

Grinding My Teeth At Night

The number one reason I decided to finally get braces was because of the fact that I grind my teeth...like horribly. When I was first told that I am an intense grinder was my freshman year of college. I was at Blackhawk Technical College in the Physical Therapy Assistant program, and I was not doing well, both mentally and physically. The stress, pressure, and anxiety were causing me to grind my teeth while I slept. My dentist literally told me that I need to stop whatever I am doing that is causing me anxiety, because if I continue, I will literally grind my teeth all the way down in no time. So I quit Blackhawk, moved to Arizona, and started studying marketing.

Flash forward to July of 2020 when I was visiting my new dentist. She made some comments about how my teeth have deteriorated a lot due to grinding, and that I actually chipped one of my bottom teeth. I was surprised, but not totally shocked because Nolan always made comments about how he could hear me grind at night. After some talk about what I could do, she brought up the possibility of braces. She explained that correcting my gaps, overlaps, and bites can help with the pattern of how I grind my teeth. By correcting all of these things, it will help prevent further damage to the same teeth over and over again.

Correcting My Overbite

I never knew that my overbite was causing me any issues until this past year. I noticed that it was starting to get harder to chew food. When I went to my new dentist here in Arizona, he showed me the damage of my overbite on other teeth. I actually chipped a couple of my teeth. There’s one right in the lower front that has a chip, and then a couple in the back. Looking at me, you would never have known I had an overbite due to the fact that I have a very prominent jawline and chin (thanks dad!).

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign

Well, my orthodontist told me flat-out no to Invisalign and that my mouth is a complicated case. Nice to hear right? Lol. But I am very grateful for how transparent he was with me. He explained that Invisalign would actually make my overbite worse and then I would have to get traditional braces afterward. Invisalign would also take a lot longer than I wanted. He promised me that these braces would be off before our wedding in 2022.

We went through all of my options, and I decided to go with gold braces. My teeth are (well I feel like) really small for adult teeth, and he explained that the gold brackets are smaller and less noticeable than traditional silver brackets. They will still take the same amount of time and I really like how these look too.

I am so happy that I decided to finally get braces, even as an adult. I’ve been putting it off for so long, and I can’t wait to see my end result. To end this blog, I wanted to share some advice that I got from previous brace wearers in case you’re thinking about getting braces.

I asked on my followers on my Instagram story, and here were their responses:

  • Smoothies until the soreness goes away

  • Cut everything up into small pieces and always carry flossing picks

  • Lots of soft foods the first week

  • Use the wax!!!! Ask for a couple of packs

  • Don’t chew ice. This can break a bracket

  • Bring a toothbrush wherever you go, use the wax

  • The wax to cover the wires will be your best friend if they start to poke your cheeks

  • Just a lot of ibuprofen

  • The rubber u-shaped bite pads are really nice to bite down on when your teeth hurt too

Until the next brace face update,


Cheyenne Taylor

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